Food Development Assoc – Biography 26

I chaired this organisation for a few years until it was sensibly merged with the craft guild of chefs giving them a food development arm. We were (still are) looking after the specialist development chefs in both suppliers and many restaurant & catering groups.

I am currently trying to launch a course to help skilled chefs take the step from cooking at the helm to food development which encompasses working with suppliers/manufacturers, technologists, marketing, design and logistics to get the skill to create a product in a pack that is as good or as close to one you create yourself on a stove.

We ran a series of really fun combined workshops and conference that had 300 + attendees of top chefs and product developers across the country. These were based on themes of science (molecular gastronomy a la Heston Blummenthal a foodie & black belt in karate like me but then similarities stop!) on food provenance (how could I resist) and future trends.

As well as promoting Freedom Food & MSC we also supported organic soil association taking the three perfect partners of fish, meat and fruit & veg!

We would run several tours visiting new restaurants exploring trends and engrossing ourselves in this vibrant, exciting and ever changing industry.

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