Christmas Message

London – December 2009

This has been a great year for the Lalande d’Anciger family despite the much publicised global economic gloom.

New years eve started in Lyon and we were lucky to ski in the Alps, dive in the Canary Islands & the Red Sea, dance on the beach in Denmark in the moonlight and drink rosé in Southern France.

So despite our portfolio of stocks & shares crashing to the floor we enjoyed ourselves safe in the knowledge that we have seen quite a few recessions and have perhaps one or two more to experience!

Jason gained his recue diving qualification this year, cycles to work & still teaches karate on Sunday mornings. He was given a special award for business performance by M&S’s retail director and has started guitar lessons from a 9 year old boy……read on!

Claude worked on Masterchef & the BBC food show again, has started a ‘renovation’ program at home, has been powerwalking, moonwalking and excelling perhaps too much at the ladies who lunch circuit!

What an amazing year for Max too…. as class captain (again) he was awarded the Diplome d’Honneur at the Lycee Francais for services to his school. Max was also awarded his brown belt in karate and if that wasn’t enough he took his Junior Padi Open water qualification passing with flying colours. He has also started shooting clays with his Papa and of course donned his chefs whites to cook the odd dish.

Eliot his brother continues to enjoy life & run the family. He was awarded his blue belt in karate, plays hockey and tennis and his school report could be framed! His maths scores would make Einstein look like a hill-billy. Eliot took his scuba diving bapteme and bakes a mean cookie. Eliot has also started to play the guitar and can already strum tunes from happy birthday to James Bond, and from the Simpsons to Stairway to Heavan – and yes he is Papa’s guitar teacher!

A brilliant year and made so much better by so many our friends who have contributed to some great shared experiences, fabulous food and very memorable wines!

We wish you all every happiness & success in 2010.

Gros Gros Bisous Max, Eliot, Claude & Jason

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