Eliot’s speech to the French Ambassador

To celebrate bilingual students M.Gourdault-Montagne the ambassador of France along with Mr Hands the MP for Hammersmith & Fulham and Mr Greenhalgh the leader of the council visited the Ecole Marie d’Orliac at Lycee Francais.

Eliot was chosen to read a poem he put together in front of the school & honoured guests.

‘Thank you for visiting our school’
‘We think that this is very cool’

‘We are all excited about 2012’
‘I can’t compete as I will only be 12’
‘But for me & my friends we all gain’
‘Lots of new places for us to train’

‘Just one thing…please listen to us’
‘And get rid of the bendy bus’
‘My dad takes his bicycle every day’
‘And I am worried that bus might sway’

‘In French – merci d’etre venu’
‘In English – thanks for coming’
‘En Francais – gardez le sourire’
‘En Anglais – keep smiling’

‘Hope you will have a great day’
‘And come back & see us another day’

After a standing ovation for Eliot; Mr Greenhalgh promised to give an official response to the poem.

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