Garden centre coffee house wins new concept award

The development of quality coffee shops in garden centres is a trend which has been noticed over the past few years – and now, the Coffee Grounds concept of the Wyevale garden centre in Endsleigh has won the prize for ‘best restaurant or bar in another space’ at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

These awards are the main such scheme for the licensed trade, and cocktail bars and pubs around the world enter every year – there are usually over a thousand entries. There is no café category, and coffee-shop entries are usually found in the ‘fast casual dining’ section – but for Coffee Grounds to have won the ‘best bar in another space’ category is quite an achievement.

The Coffee Ground concept was launched last year, and was pioneered by Jason Danciger, who has a track record in coffee – at one time recently he ran 300 in-house cafes for Marks and Spencer. The Wyevale group runs many of garden centres across the UK, all of which use individual business identities, but work as part of a chain. The café idea was to use space within garden centres to offer customers ‘a wholesome shopping experience with an exceptional and high quality food and beverage offer’.

Coffee Grounds – Bar Awards

The beans are Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified, and spent grounds are collected for recycling into compost. Wyevale also says it is the only coffee shop group in the UK to roll out micro- roasting – it has one-kilo roasters across its café operation, and even says that ‘every single coffee shop on the high street is likely to follow us’.

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