Thrive 6 at 6

Thrive 6 at 6

Jason Danciger

Each month we will be interviewing CEO, MD & CMO level executives asking 6 probing questions, answered in 6 minutes, and emailed at 6am to our exclusive Thrive members

For our first Thrive 6 at 6 we have spoken to Jason Danciger, Ex Head of Hospitality and Fresh counters at Marks and Spencer with the aim of getting to the bottom of innovation and commercial growth.

To hear Jason share his views on Innocent, the French, micro-bakeries, and provenance click on the video below, or for an over view take a look below at some of the main themes.

1. What’s the one business issue that keeps you awake at night?

Nothing keeps me awake at night! What worries me however is the same question that worries every single operator. Are we giving great service everyday in every bakery!  We put a lot of focus into our staff through recruitment and training, with a lot of effort being put in too, ensuring brilliant success in terms of standards and communication. But in every single bakery, everyday are the bakers baking fantastic bread and are they showing off their best products everyday. That will always keep me awake at night!

2. What would you personally like to be ‘famous’ for achieving within your time at your current company?

Selling bread to the French, on a big scale!

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