89 th in a series of base recipes for Chefs from a variety of michelin starred kitchens.

Clafoutis with cherries


6 oz white sugar
1/2 pint whole milk
1/2 pint whipping cream
1 vanilla pod
6 free range eggs
800g of fresh pitted cherries
4 oz ground almonds
1 oz plain white flour
Icing sugar


Mix sugar and eggs together scraping in the seeds from one vanilla pod. Whisk briskly until mixture turns white and ‘ribbonny’. Then add almond powder & sieved flour stirring well.

Bring milk & cream to boil and incorporate into the above mixture, whisking well.

Take several small dishes and/or one large dish and ensure they are lined. If non-stick use greaseproof paper or simply butter the moulds well. Add a few cherries to each dish and then add the above mixture.

Bake in a moderate oven. Gas mark 5. 10-15 minutes for small dishes and 20 minutes for large dishes. Should be golden brown on top.

Top Trick to test if they are cooked is to put a small knife (thin) into cake, if the blade comes out clean it is cooked – if slightly sticky then cook further.

Serve warm dusted with icing sugar and a jug of fresh cream.

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