Creme Brulee a l’Ancienne

95 th in a series of base recipes for Chefs from a variety of michelin starred kitchens.

Old Fashioned Crème Brulee

(makes 4-6 portions)

4 free range egg yolks
1 pint double cream
2 oz sugar
Vanilla pod (fresh)
Pinch of corn flour
Demerara brown sugar for top.


Whisk eggs & 2 oz sugar until white & ribbony and add that pinch of cornflour

Boil cream with one vanilla pod and when hot add half to egg mixture stirring vigorously.

Add all cream and put back on the heat until it coats the back of a spoon.

Take off from heat cooling down with a ladle (adding air to mixture) to avoid eggs cooking.

Cut open the vanilla pod and scrape out black seeds & add to mixture. (Can be done without this step and you could add vanilla essence at beginning)

Pour into 4-6 ramekins and gently cook in oven until ‘set’ & remove.

Gently cover with brown sugar and heat swiftly with a mini burner (there are mini kitchen versions of kitchen blow torch but a canister version from homebase is fine – alternatively put under a hot grill.

When caramel melts of a fine layer stop & serve.

Caramel can equally be made with white sugar – trick is to have a crunchy sugary snap top and soft interior

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