Mousse au Chocolate

92 nd in a series of base recipes for Chefs from a variety of michelin starred kitchens.

Chocolate Mousse

This is an old school recipe – that’s why it is in oz not grams!


6 oz dark 70% chocolate
6 eggs
4 oz sugar
½ pint double cream


Melt chocolate in a bain marie

Beat 5 egg yolks and 1 whole egg until frothy/ribbony.

Whip cream until it reaches ‘soft peaks’

Boil sugar until it caramelizes and add to eggs beating together until cool

Fold in the chocolate gently and finally add whipped cream again folding gently with a wooden spoon.

Add to glass or ramekin and serve with whipped cream and that old mint leaf!

You can make two mousses if you are brave, one using dark chocolate and one white and at the end simply layer them together in two or multi layers.

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